Buika: A Virtual Experience is part of a season-long series of digital segments that bring you up close and personal with artists from a variety of art disciplines.

Latin Grammy-nominated artist Buika hails from the Spanish island of Mallorca. For Buika, flamenco was an open door: “It’s not just about music, it’s a way of life. It’s about not running away from yourself. Some people sing about what they would like to happen or would like to be, but in the copla and el cante, we confront who we are, with all our fears and all our defects. In the United States there’s also a great tradition like this: it’s called the blues.” Creating a fusion with flamenco, jazz, soul, and dance rhythms, Buika has become an international sensation. “Her voice has an intensity and a power that’s hard to define,” says NPR. Buika’s voice is piercingly unique and echoes the rich and passionate influences of her upbringing. The New York Times calls her “luminous…magnificent…superb!”

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BUIKA, Apparatjik & Void - Day of the Dead (live)

Sáb Ene 16 , 2021
Day of the Dead was a collaborative performance by Apparatjik, Concha Buika and Void at Bergen International Festival 2016. Through a series of real time generated, audio-, midi- and motion-reactive, layered projections a unique visual narrative was created to accompany the bands performance. This one time event was created as an interactive experiment, investigating strategies for creating a full length opera celebrating the life and death of the artist Julia Pastrana.